Every 23 seconds, someone in America is diagnosed with cancer.

What if they began writing about their experience?

What if they could take better control of their situation by communicating more effectively and sharing their feelings?

Research conducted at the Lombardi Cancer Center at Georgetown University indicates that expressive writing––dealing with ones deepest thoughts and emotions––may contribute to improved physical and emotional health.

A study in The Oncologist medical journal found patients

who participated in a single 20-minute writing session improved their outlook on cancer and physical quality of life.

For millions of people worldwide, a cancer diagnosis can be a life-changing event.

Everything comfortable and familiar may be called into question.

But what if a diagnosis of cancer actually inspired you?

What if it meant a call to community outreach, a mended family relationship, or a fresh perspective on lifes priorities?

What if you sat down and began to write about your experience? Expressing your feelings may just bring you, your loved ones, and those surrounding you in the medical community, the courage and strength to face life head-on.


Write for Life aims to provide people affected by cancer (patients, caregivers, family, friends, medical community, etc.) the opportunity to explore personal expression through writing, with the hope that it becomes a substantial and meaningful tool in the fight against cancer. We are dedicated to promoting the art and craft of writing as a means of communication that can inspire and facilitate healing.

While Write for Life does not claim to play a direct role in the medical condition of anyone diagnosed with cancer, we do believe that there is a lot more than medicine playing a role in the potential wellbeing and survival of patients.


The Write for Life Foundation offers writing workshops, both as one-time group events in cancer centers and as ongoing group classes and private consultations. David Tabatsky is available as a workshop leader and as a speaker.

The book, Write for Life: Communicating Your Way Through Cancer is available online. You can contact David directly for bulk purchases.